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4 Reasons Why You Need a Mentor

Closing a deal might look straightforward on paper, but a lot goes into making it happen.

During this time a mentor is a must.

The right mentor will help you understand and decode the ins and outs of real estate and take you to the top 1% of this industry.

4 Reasons You Should Have a Real Estate Coach

We need mentors in every stage of our lives. There’s nothing like having a person with years of experience guiding your every move. Here is why you should have a mentor if you want to succeed as a real estate agent.

1. Boost Your Confidence

If you are a new agent dealing with expensive property can be overwhelming. People only trust you with their property if you have the confidence to negotiate.

Your mentor will provide you with intellectual support and ensure you avoid mistakes. This way you can be more confident about your business and express the same in front of your potential clients.

2. Sharpen Your Negotiation Skills

Successful conversion is knowing when and how to say the right things.

Choosing your coach wisely will help you learn things you should or should not say. A mentor who has worked in the market themselves will know how to identify when a deal is going south and teach you different ways to make it favorable for you.

3. Provide Valuable Resources

An experienced real estate mentor is someone who has done it themselves. Using tried and tested methods, they have access to a wide range of resources that can optimize your work.

There are many websites, apps, tools etc. that only a coach with experience can expose you too. They you how to make the most out of them and make a substantial profit.

4. Prepare You for the Future

The market often has highs and lows, a true mentor has the capability to predict future trends and know how to navigate them.

This helps you plan your next move as a business owner better, ensuring improved revenue generation.

Without a real estate agent mentor, you might still achieve many of these capabilities on your own. However, with many trials and errors, elongating the process unnecessarily.

Take the path of least resistance and enroll yourself in AJ Lamba Academy where you learn what it takes to succeed as an agent.

4 Common Communication Errors Real Estate Agents Make

The entire industry is filled with people ready to tell you about things you should be doing as a real estate agent. However, knowing who you should listen to is equally important to success.

Your communication is where you can make the most amount of mistakes. So, before you delve deep into selling properties, here are some real estate communication errors agents make.

Know them and avoid them at all costs.

Communication Mistakes Real Estate Agents Make

Every deal is different, you will face all kinds of sellers and buyers.

  1. Not saying “No” when necessary

Obviously, it is crucial to meet all your clients’ requirements and help them get the best out of their deal. However, this does not mean that you would have to agree with every obnoxious claim they make.

Like any other profession, real estate agents also have their limits, and you should learn when to draw the line and say “No”. Should you feel a client is not fit to work with or isn’t paying your time’s worth, continuing to work with them will bring you no profit.

  • Being late at responding to clients

As stated by Tars, a popular conversational AI platform, real estate agents have to deal with some of the most difficult clients. They are moody, picky and may not comply with what an agent asks of them.

So, you get what would happen should such individuals get late responses to their doubts and queries.

Use a CRM to automate most of your responses and ensure that not a single client feels that they are being ignored.

  • Being reluctant to educate a client

Yes, a client looking for their “dream home” can be a handful. But if they are not educated about how things work it will only make your life more difficult.

Take your time and make them understand that when buying a property they need to look for more than just windows and foyers. Why do you say a particular location is better than the other.

This will not only help them select a great place, but they will also ask you fewer questions. You would somewhat resolve multiple other real estate communication errors with this practice.

  • Staying “real” with your clients

Clients sometimes tend to have unrealistic expectations from their deals and realtors.

To avoid this, you must set your clients straight and manage their expectations from the get-go. This doesn’t mean you would behave rudely with your clients, as that will only make them look for your alternatives.

These are just four of the numerous mistakes new agents make in desperation. However, these real estate communication errors are a great start for individuals who what to improve their client approach.

Selecting A Live Coach

Every good Athlete that wants to win needs a Coach, and every good Professional that wants to succeed needs a Coach! It is a fact that anyone who is determined to be successful, needs a Coach, and having the Right Coach could be the difference between Success and Failure! We are all aware of the thousands of truly good professionals who often lose confidence in themselves and blame themselves when all they really did was choose a wrong Coach! That’s precisely why I always say…. “selecting the right Coach is critical to your success”!

Even a high calibre Professional with a bad coach will fail! Have you ever wondered why some coaches try and sell a new product or a new plan almost every single month? Think about it…..? It’s because nothing seems to be working for them or their Trainees! Why would anyone keep making changes to their Training if it is working really well? Have you ever wondered why some of the Most Successful Professionals around the world continue to do precisely what they have been doing for the past 10 years except that they do so every year with even better finesse and sophistication!

So here is my full disclosure! In only my 4th full year in the Business I clocked over a Million Dollars in Commissions.

And 15 years later, I am still practicing LIVE what I teach and will continue to do so as long as I teach because we all know teaching without practicing is outdated and has become impossible in this New World order!

The very first thing you need to ensure before you ever consider a coach for anything, let alone something as serious as selling the highest ticketed item in the world, is to ask….. DOES THIS COACH CURRENTLY PRACTICE LIVE WHAT HE/SHE WILL BE TEACHING? The keyword here in all of this is “Currently.” As we all know… Talk is cheap, and talk alone with no Current Live Experience does not make a good Coach! In fact, I would classify anyone who does this in any industry let alone in our serious world of real estate, the ideal hypocrite.

What you have to do is to start by understanding your true self, your personality and know your strengths. Then identify the gaps that need to be filled to achieve your goals. This will help you evaluate the right coach who has the live experience that can help you achieve your goals. Ensure that the most important criteria is “live” even before you start considering options. The world of Real Estate is not a theoretical world but is one of the most competitive markets ever. Unless your coach is living it live, they are not even qualified to teach no matter what they have to say.

Secondly, it is important to find out if the so-called Coach is teaching too many programs and pretending to have a lot of different options. This is a clear sign of LACK OF FOCUS, and in this world of extreme specialization if you cannot specialize you cannot succeed. It is not fair for your coach to make you the scapegoat of all their experiments. Instead, a LIVE coach would give you a program that has been tried & tested for years and delivered to you in the most simplified method that brings you the success you signed up for!

We don’t just provide INFORMATION but guide you through a complete TRANSFORMATION because we have the passion to see you succeed, not just for 1 year or 2 but forever! We bring you in as a Realtor but sends your back as a Real Top Producer with a brand of your own for Life!

STOP Running After Buyers – Make them Run After YOU!

I’m a No Nonsense Coach so I’ll get straight to the facts! 


Does your current Business Plan sound like…

1. Wasting a lot of Money Buying Leads every month OR

2. Calling hundreds of Recycled Leads who never pick up AND

3. Those that do tell you that they are not interested anymore or they already have an Agent.

Have you ever wondered how & why this happened? Yes, you have but not deep enough!


Did you Hire a so-called Coaching Company or was told by your Broker to…

1. Get smartly dressed every morning and go out and door knock OR

2. Buy a headphone and Cold Call every single day OR

3. Find an Auto Dialer and call from several databases only to be rejected over and over and over again


Have you ever wondered how & why this happens?, Of course, you have but never deep enough!



These are some of the most common scenarios that some of the most talented agents have to suffer for absolutely no fault of theirs. Today I will disclose some true facts in our industry that will help you solve this mystery once and for all, so this never happens to you again!

• Did you know that many of these so-called Best Lead Generating Companies sell the same Leads to Multiple Agents and keep on recycling them over and over again!

• Did you know anyone in the world can promise the moon and get a Lead signed up but when reality sets in and the Live Agent makes the call, the Lead does not respond because the Lead Gen Co promised to send them something that you are not even aware of

• They take contact info of the public from multiple media even while someone is only browsing and has no desire or intent of buying

• Did you know that many of the so-called biggest Real Estate Coaches have not sold a piece of Real Estate themselves in the last 10 to 20 years

• Many of these so-called Real Estate Coaches have never lived your life for even a day and have never practiced what they preach

• Did you know why many of the so-called Real Estate Coaches keep coming up with new programs every single month?

• Why would someone sell you a $10,000 Lead to you for $10?

There’s only 1 simple answer and its very simple if you dig deep enough!

Because they actually have no LIVE experience themselves but like to preach to the world what and how to do it? Lead Generators have No LIVE experience Calling their Own Leads and Coaches have no LIVE experience doing any of the things that they are Preaching and THAT IS THE REAL TRUTH!

It is no wonder, Nothing seems to be working!

I feel your pain because I too have been in your shoes prior to changing my course and simplifying it to the point that I was able to clock a Million Dollars in Commissions in just 1 year! Been there – done that and am blessed to have gotten out of that hole, which is why I am determined to help Agents like myself do the same!

I stopped running Buyers when I understood why nothing was working because everyone that was teaching me and charging me had no LIVE experience what they were teaching

That’s why I call My program the “TURN: Program! My success began when I realized that it was much smarter to go after Sellers and get More Listings so not only will the Sellers themselves be Buying but even Buyers will contact you directly for your Listings

STOP Running After Buyers – Make them Run After YOU!

The New World Order for Real Estate

The year 2020 has been one like never before, and there is no denying that almost every business in the world will have to revisit its strategies to stay afloat, let alone succeed. It is widely believed that the impact of Covid 19 could be far worse than the great depression of the 1930s, and it is obvious that the old-school classical business strategies will become a thing of the past. How likely are you to survive this new world order unless you are willing to adapt and adopt and do so in a timely manner?

As we all know, Trillions of Dollars of wealth has simply vanished from the face of the earth. The new world order has affected everyone – those that had more, lost more and the ones that had less lost less. In fact, it is believed that more wealth vanished since Covid 19 than was created in the last 10 years! This pandemic did not even spare some of the wisest Investment Gurus of the world – Warren Buffet better known as the Oracle of Omaha, saw his wealth shrink by a whopping $86 Billion Dollars and Europe’s wealthiest & wisest man, Bernard Arnault lost $30 Billion during the Covid crisis! No one saw this coming, and no Individual or Corporation big or small had ever planned for this.

Now what we need to understand is, how will this impact us? We all know that Real Estate has historically always been the largest component of wealth globally and as wealth shrinks so is the impact on the real property because now there is far less wealth for the same amount of real property! At a very Macro level, the quantity of Wealth has shrunk but not the availability of Property which means there is a lot less money floating around. The US Fed Reserve and the European Union may print more currency but what about the rest of the world?

This is the time for the smartest and the brightest to stand out while the old order will be changing very rapidly. This is your time to decide if you are going to continue to be a part of the same old ship that does not seem to shift course in spite of the biggest cyclone in human history or are you going to jump the sinking ship and get into something that is simpler, tidier and easier to manager? There is no question and no doubt that our Real Estate Industry is having one of the largest impacts worldwide to adjust to this new world order.

How do you take advantage of this most unique situation and turn it around in your favor? For starters, this is an ideal opportunity to give yourself a challenging and, more importantly, honest look in the mirror! Ask yourself what is more important?

Is it how much you are paying for everything today to run your business


What value each item you are paying for is bringing to your business?

Remember Zero multiply by Zero = Zero so cheap may be no good and expensive may not be good either. What is most important is what is the ROI and value that each item is bringing to your business?

Start by asking yourself some basic questions…. is it worthwhile paying any Team or Company or Brokerage, etc that does not add value to your business.

The following are the Core Fundamentals that you need to focus on NOW!

1. Get out of your comfort level now before it is too late and becomes really uncomfortable

2. Identify YOUR strengths and leverage them while being fully cognizant of your weaknesses. Be honest with yourself.

3. Know YOUR Priorities for yourself, your family and your Company

4. Eliminate all Unnecessary Expenses that don’t add value to your Business

5. Run a tight shift and stay lean. This is not the time for lazy asses

6. Stay focused on what you do best. Don’t throw the net too far and keep it tight

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