Your Coach- AJ Lamba

AJ Lamba has been one of the most successful REALTORS in the history of Real Estate across North America and was among the 1st to have clocked a Million $$$ in Commissions in only his 4th full year in the Business. Lamba Coaching or better known as LCC was founded motivated by the keen desire of AJ to help Realtors all across US & Canada to be able to achieve the same success with over 2000 clients that he has served. His 1-Stop Solution to Real Estate Success is the dream that Realtors have been praying & wishing for but never received.

AJ always puts his clients first which means you always get honesty, integrity, and the highest ethics along with unmatched customer service every time!
This gave me the idea to expand my coaching from a group of 20 people to people all around the world. This is what gave me the idea of starting LCC.

AJ Lamba has produced several million-dollar agents from scratch with his proven scientific method. His experience in closing over 2000 deals gives a perspective that can’t compare to any other coach.

AJ Lamba has developed a proven system and methodology that the industry doesn’t want you to know. Real estate has one of the highest dropout rates in any industry, seeing this AJ Lamba decided to share his secrets with agents and help turn the state of the industry around.

He has a huge passion to help and train other agents around the world using his system, so they too can become equally successful.

Here’s what AJ thinks

I think if there is one thing that defines me it’s that when I identify what I want, I go after it completely. As soon as I had identified that becoming a Real Estate Broker was what I wanted, I quit my corporate job and got to work.

At first, it was tough and I was reconsidering if this was the right career choice for me. But nobody ever succeeds at first without committing to your work and working hard.

After all my years in the industry, I have developed my skills and insights into a method. I started a coaching program with a team. I taught my team all the aspects of real estate and worked closely with them. With no surprise, the hard-working people on my team became great successes through using my coaching knowledge.

This gave me the idea to expand my coaching from a group of 20 people to people all around the world. This is what gave me the idea of starting LCC.

Looking Forward To The Future

Nothing makes me happier than seeing other people change themselves and change their lives for the better. People aren’t just “the way they are”, they’re built one piece at a time, and you can build yourself into whoever you want to be.

My students have become my close friends and I like to celebrate their success at each stage of the journey.

Seeing my students succeed makes me feel like I have succeeded. I believe all my knowledge and success in real estate should be shared with others so they can become the best version of themselves.