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Module Content

Module 1.1 51.16 Mins

Setting YOU up for Success

To succeed in real estate, focus, discipline, consistency, and patience are key. Understand your market, find your niche, and prioritize lead generation.

Module 1.2 49.17 Mins

Knowledge is Power

Transform your real estate career with a focus on integrity, client relationships, and sustainable success. Embrace branding, farming, and empathy.

Module 1.3 59.22 Mins

Business Model BEFORE Business Plan is Key to Success

Unlock the secrets of real estate success with our comprehensive program. Master farming, make data - driven decisions, and build an ethical, long - term business.

Module 1.4 43.14 Mins

Picking your Niche

Transform your real estate game with farming expertise, smart investments, and data - driven strategies. Real value, no empty promises

Module 1.5 56.56 Mins

Start with the End in mind

Master real estate farming with a step - by - step approach, leveraging demographics and cross - selling opportunities for success.

Module 1.6 72.31 Mins

360° View of Your Farm

Discover the keys to success in real estate with comprehensive training. Master data - driven strategies to dominate your chosen market.

Module 1.7 36.57 Mins

The Science of Identifying your Farm

Transform your real estate approach with strategic farming. Thorough research, data - driven decisions, and authenticity lead to long - term success

Module 1.8 52.23 Mins

How to Take a Deep Dive into Your Farm

Dominate your market with strategic analysis. Master competitor tactics & own your farm with precision. Level up your real estate game now!

Module 1.9 52.16 Mins

Taking Ownership of your Farm

Master real estate farming: Analyze trends, track competitors, and strategize with MLS updates. Your path to success starts here


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Module Content

Module 2.1 58.52 Mins

The New Standard

Build your brand: keep it simple, consistent, and plan ahead. Highlight your name, use low - cost tactics, and create a catchy tagline to stand out.

Module 2.2 31.04 Mins

Impact of Branding

Identify effective channels and maintain consistent messaging. Align headlines with graphics, use ad briefs, optimize email signatures, and seek feedback.

Module 2.3 67.58 Mins

Face Off with the Devil

Ensure consistent branding, test platforms, optimize for mobile, focus on your target area, use targeted ads, monitor social media, and maximize outreach.

Module 2.4 44.42 Mins

Igniting your Flame

Commit fully, focus on one task, DIY first, outsource wisely, keep teams small, market broadly, build postal ties, ensure delivery, track progress, and improve continuously.

Module 2.5 60.03 Mins

Your First Taste of Success

Master client psychology, project professionalism, plan effectively, communicate clearly, and blend online and offline marketing strategies

Module 2.6 61.12 Mins

Crafting Your Skills (Online and Offline)

Prioritize quality brokerage, commit to weekly open houses, comply with legal regulations, engage in community events, and monitor competitors.

Module 2.7 48.18 Mins

Engines of Growth

Optimize real estate web content: Build trust, avoid cold calling, target motivated sellers, understand psychology, adapt timing, utilize MLS.

Module 2.8 76.24 Mins

Point Multi Prolonged Strategy

Efficient web content management: Keep it simple, organized CRM, timely follow - up, diverse communication, automation, constant improvement.

Module 2.9 70.19 Mins

Secret of Conversion

Lead conversion summary: Persistence is key. Engage consistently, focus on relationships, use automation wisely, and respect leads' time.

Module 2.10 67.47 Mins

Science of Lead Management

Sales module: Recognize objections, analyse interactions, categorize objections, tailor responses, refine content, and adjust strategies.


This level covers using and adopting the world's best tried and proven practices to achieve the highest growth in the shortest possible time frame in Real Estate. We include everything that you ever need to know to achieve your desired goals. From generating your own Leads, managing leads, conversion techniques, and both online and offline marketing secrets like never before. Tool box with all the tools you’ll ever need


Module Content

Module 3.1 104.26 Mins

Watch me LIVE sharing the secrets of a successful BUYER Presentation

Web content module for first - time homebuyers: Property details, inspection importance, financial tips, timeline estimation, and personalized service.

Module 3.2 31.53 Mins

Watch me LIVE the secrets of how to convert Buyers during ACTUAL SHOWINGS

Optimize property visits: Build confidence, assess features, discuss upgrades, budget wisely, and prioritize relationship building. M

Module 3.3 69.46 Mins

Watch me LIVE sharing the secrets inside the home of my My Most Suceessful LISTING PRESENTATION

Real estate services: Expert guidance, cost savings, all - inclusive support, extensive marketing, simple paperwork, and more for success.

Module 3.4 17.58 Mins

Watch me LIVE sharing the secrets of the Most Effective Open Houses

Real estate web content: Prep, stage, engage, inform, follow - up, close deals effectively, and optimize CRM use for success


Taking it to the Next level! Perfecting your craft. Join me live as I reveal the secrets behind closed door by Top Producers like me during a Live Buyer presentations, converting buyers during ACTUAL showings, secrets of my own Most Successful Live Listing presentations, and hosting the Most effective open houses.

Most Helpful For


AJ Lamba

Real Estate Coach

AJ Lamba has been one of the most successful REALTORS in the history of Real Estate across North America and was among the 1st to have clocked a Million $$$ in Commissions in only his 4th full year in the Business. Lamba Coaching or better known as LCC was founded motivated by the keen desire of AJ to help Realtors all across US & Canada to be able to achieve the same success with over 2000 clients that he has served. His 1-Stop Solution to Real Estate Success is the dream that Realtors have been praying & wishing for but never received.



“When I first joined AJ’s team, I was reconsidering my career in Real Estate, but with the immense support and guidance from both AJ and his team, I began converting my leads! I owe my success to AJ and his team.”


“AJ and his team helped me immensely in automating my work. AJ always emphasized on keeping up with the new trends and practices in the market. With his advice, I now have every single detail of my farm at the touch of my fingertips”


“With AJ I have learned more in this past year than all the previous years I have been in real estate combined. From negotiating an offer, giving a great listing presentation and simply just showing our clients all that we do for them by going that extra mile to at least try and get a better deal for them.”


“I aim to become like AJ one day. The Go getter attitude and the in-depth analysis is something that amazes me everytime.”


“With AJ I have learned more in this past year than all the previous years I have been in real estate combined. From negotiating an offer, giving a great listing presentation and simply just showing our clients all that we do for them by going that extra mile to at least try and get a better deal for them.”

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