Inside LCC

What is it?

You watch the videos, complete the action items, use the provide tools and template. Ask questions in the Fb group or on the live Q&A calls, follow the process, get results.

Who is it for?

LCC is for anybody who is committed to running a more profitable and scalable real estate business. It works for anybody, regardless of your previous knowledge or experience.

Where does it happen?

LCC program is online and consists of training videos, tools, live Q&A calls and a Facebook community.

How does it work?

LCC is an online course that shows you how to be a successful agent in today’s market. Get access to live Q&A calls after the completion of the course.

When does it start?

LCC starts the moment you enroll. You can complete it on your own time and work through it as fast or slow as you wish. You get lifetime access to all course content.

Why does it exist?

We created LCC to help new and struggling agents. This program shows you how to build a Real Estate bussiness that Lasts for years to come.

LIVE Proven Process

We turned the guesswork of starting/growing a Real Estate business into a science. Follow practical step- by-step instructions that are proven to work and track your progress using reliable metrics.


We add new perspectives to the real estate industry that you can apply immediately to add value to your business today.

Entrepreneur Community

Join active like-minded agents, collaborate, get help, practice calls and coaching support

Expert Mentorship

No matter how good the training is, you’ll always have questions. Get weekly access to AJ and his Team in our Facebook group, weekly livestream Q & A’s and email.

Business Fundamentals

Picking a niche, identifying problems, finding opportunities, market validation and real estate pricing

Marketing & Sales

Gaining leads, talking to prospects, appointments, handling objections and closing deals.

Psychology of Real Estate

Psychology, human behavior, habits and emotional intelligence in real estate.

Problem Solving

How to think clearly, solve problems quickly and see ten moves ahead with precision.

Automated CRM

Real estate specific CRM customized for your needs. Real estate specific CRM customized for your needs.

Websites & Funnels

How creating websites, landing pages and funnels can help your real estate business.

Management & Hiring

How to hire contractors vs. employees. Learn how to implement management, company culture and track performance.

Scaling & Automation

How to scale your business at top speed with systems & automation.